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Stewardship is a lifestyle.

"I like the idea of being good stewards of the gifts God has given us. That's what my grandpa often talked about." -Deb



Whether you are staying in the Lodge, the Cabin or the Guest House your time here is partially powered via the Solar Panels we had installed this pass year (2018). Twenty two panels deliver over 7 Kilowatts of power when charging on an average day. Sized and installed by a local company.

Electrical Work


In the last year we've replaced 3 of our major HVAC units with new Hybrid or Multi-phase systems to utilize the higher efficiencies available in newer units. Lighting across the ranch is migrating to LED lighting, new fixtures and some light switches to occupancy sensors that help us remain diligent in saving energy.



2017 marked the first year we partnered with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks to undertake a Habitat Restoration project. As a pilot project for possible future consideration, 10 acres was tilled and replanted to mimic native Kansas prairie.



We know as good as anyone that just talking about it or putting up a sign won't change everyone's mind. But what if people could experience the Kansas Native Prairie and see for themselves how full of life and essential it is to our state? That is the idea behind our trails that have been a 3 years in the making and traverse nearly every corner of our 160 acres. Want to know more about our trails? Click HERE.



We're proud to partner with local Conservation districts as we host the Northeast Kansas Envirothon. A gathering of area schools where FFA and Wildlife Management Classes gather to learn from local experts. They have their knowledge tested over the management and stewardship of wildlife habitat, local ecosystems, plant life and water issues.



Currently underway is an effort to protect the topsoil of our south 80. Damage from runoff due in part to farming practices given up on nearly two decades ago has quickened the subsoil erosion in the dry stream bed near by. Partnering with the USDA and local Conservation office a catch pool is being designed. Construction will hopefully begin this summer. Additionally opening up more opportunities for fishing and further habitat development here at the ranch.

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